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Why Zero Waste

Hand Crafted Herb
& Spice Blends

Our love for home cooking and flavor shines through in our popular and unique herb & spice blends.  Let’s get spicy!

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What is The Spice Apothecary?


spice a•poth•e•car•y
/spīs/ uh’päthuh,kerē/

Specializing in gourmet spice & herb blends produced with only the highest

quality ingredients used to flavor and enhance foods.



The Spice Apothecary is a clever play on words, if we must say so ourselves.

In the past, an Apothecary was a person who prepared and sold medicines created with various herbs and spices to aid in healing.  Also known as an herbalist.  A more modern day Apothecary is similar to a pharmacist.  The symbol for prescription in Latin translates to “recipe”.

Long story long, we took the old world meaning, combined it with the modern day meaning and “The Spice Apothecary” was created.  Our goal is to make spice and herb blends that home cooks can use and make delicious meals for their friends and family.  Enjoy!

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Where You Can Find The Spice Apothecary Products

Saturdays 9a - 5p

1717 Route 211

Otisville, NY 10963

Available for CSA customers
261 Otterkill Rd, New Windsor, NY

We'll be back in Spring 2024

Pike St & Hammond St.

Bethel Woods

Harvest Festival

We'll be back August 2024

200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY

We'll be back in Spring 2024

Mamakating Town Hall
2948 Route 209
Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Tues - Sun 
8AM - 6PM


 140 Eatontown Rd, Middletown, NY

Open 7 days
See website for hours

405 Goodwill Road, Montgomery, NY

Open Everyday
9 AM - 6 PM

23 Soons Cir,

New Hampton, NY 10958

Why You'll Love Us

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We put our heart and soul into every blend we create. We research & test each recipe until we feel it’s delicious enough to put The Spice Apothecary’s name on it.


We are always experimenting with new flavors and do our best to pair them with dishes you’ll love. Don’t forget to check out the recipe box for some of our favorites!


All of our spices & herbs are from a co-op that sustainably sources from around the world. Their products are Fair Trade Certified which is internationally recognized as the gold standard for social responsibility & quality.

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